Puppies Really Can Read!


Some dogs are definitely…….More intelligent than others, However,

all dogs are happier when trained!

Let’s Create a SuperPuppyGenius!

The young mind of a puppy can be completely jeopardized in simply a couple of weeks with lack of early neurological stimulation training, as well as, deprival of social and intellectual stimulation.

A few AKC dog breeders and Most AKC champion pedigree dog breeders invest in great dogs, selecting those with a history of good health, behavior, temperament and conformation; unfortunately, this cannot be said about some other dog breeders. However, even after some of AKC Dog Breeders have chosen a great dog based on the above criteria; there is still something missing; the focus on the early development stage from birth to 8 to 10 weeks. Then, we need to consider the education of the new puppy owner for the remaining developmental time during the first couple of years.

New puppy owners need to be educated to understand just how to educate a pup to benefit from the basics the breeder instilled in the puppy from birth to 8 to 10 weeks of age.

To help with brand-new puppy owner’s education and learning, we at Puppy Genius are continuously developing affordable educational opportunities so that all dog owners can prevent and solve the most common puppy challenges.

As you will certainly uncover in reading various posts, there are no greater positive effects on the grown-up actions of a dog than early neurological stimulation and the subsequent early puppy trainings between neonatal until about 8 to 10 weeks of age that is provided by some responsible and educated breeders.

A puppy’s health, personality and also trainability are paramount, however, it is heightened when taking care of socializing, as well as, environmental enrichment throughout very early puppy-hood development stage prior to 12 weeks old and also specifically, neonatally.
Eventually, the dogs’ viability and also success both as a friend, companion, and/or therapy dog and or in conformation competition, or an obedience trained dog rely on socializing, as well as, training. Training can begin as early as the pregnancy then continuing with the various early and long term stages up to 2 years and more.

It would certainly be a pity for your puppy’s excellent genetics, as well as, basic intelligence to go to waste.

Please be a responsible puppy owner and invest in basic training in order to adequately educate your puppy to be a good canine citizen.

After all, you cannot teach what you do not know; get your education now while there are still some spaces available.

We at Puppy Genius care about you and your puppy.

Create that excellent bond between you and your dog by starting to train immediately. A new puppy is never too young to be trained.

A Pup’s Mind, Love, and Intelligence is too “Valuable to Waste”!

Let’s Make The Puppy World A Better Place!

Contact us immediately, only a few slots available.

Order Today!

Hire a puppy/dog trainer to teach and educate you by webinars, or tele-conference calls or personalized videos in order for you to become a well-educated puppy owner and alpha dog puppy parent. PuppyGoodies.com
More to come…..

Barbara Williams, Expert Dog Trainer, Breeder, and Author

BuySchnauzers.com and PuppyGenius.com Barbara@puppygenius.com or support@puppygenius.com

These little individuals are worthy of a wonderful diet plan … And an educated owner to love and educate them…


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