Before meeting Barbara, I thought that I knew what it took to raise a dog.

Growing up in Australia, we had a number of dogs as pets, and while I knew they weren’t well trained, I would have said that the dogs were well behaved and good family companions and that, in itself, was enough.

Only now, since speaking with Barbara at length and taking Ian Dunbar’s course, do I realize that dogs are not hard to train and that, by properly training your dog, you are not only helping the dog to reach its full potential, but you are also maximizing the enjoyment that you and your family will receive from the dog over its lifetime.

While taking the course is an upfront investment of time and money, mostly time, I know that it will save us significant time over the long term, and greatly add to my family’s and my new dog’s happiness.

Danville, California

At first when I began the journey of becoming a Schnauzer parent I thought the emphasis on training was a bit much. Then when I brought Angel home I began to see “what I didn’t know”. Schnauzers are so very smart and I was not training her but Angel was training me. I had to review several parts of the training material and ask for Barbara’s guidance to become the puppy parent I want to be. Now that I became teachable Angel and I are doing great.
Thank you so much Barbara.
Ann B.
Manteca, California


Barbara Williams has a wealth of knowledge in all areas of “dog ownership”. Included
in this are: selecting the right dog for you; what to feed your dog; how to train your dog from the basics to the advanced techniques; equipment needed for training; how to groom your dog, and where to get the supplies to accomplish all these things.

Judy B.



Loved this website because it’s so informative about the various breeds.

Sabrina Rodriguez



Barbara Williams, is an expert coach, and trainer who the masses are seeking for puppy and dog ownership advice, and she also provides people seeking to adopt in order to learn how to pick that best breed for their family, from the best breeder, and points out red flags; then, puppy own- ers are better able make good breed and breeder choices and to learn to become better “puppy and dog parents”.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend time with Barbara and ask her advise on concerns I had about getting a new puppy.

She gave me information that was very helpful to me and did away with all my fears and my questions I had in those areas.

We covered things like:

what a new owner should take when they go to pick up their new puppy; how to properly take them home in the car; how to keep them safe when they need to go to the bathroom; what to do when you get home; where they should sleep and how to make them feel comfortable; toys that are excellent for them and where to buy them; and where to get the most nutrition and proper food.

I felt very comforted by the information Barbara shared with me and am thankful for the time she shared with me.

Judy Buzza
Oroville, California



About four months ago I contacted Barbara Williams at Zurilgen Kennels because we were thinking of purchasing another Miniature Schnauzer puppy.

Since we had dogs our entire lives; and four Miniature Schnauzers previously; we were sure, that all we needed to do was purchase one.

After talking to Barbara at length, I learned that there were many resources available that would make “life with a puppy” more enjoyable and much more successful.

She spent a great deal of time with me offering many helpful suggestions. Some of those were:

what to feed your puppy and where to buy the food, supplies needed to raise your puppy properly and where to get these items.

She also recommended puppy training courses taught by an expert dog trainer.

Her willingness to share all of her expertise saves a huge amount of time that it would take you to research all these areas yourself and make educated decisions.

Barbara also provides many YouTube presentations and videos such as:

How to Potty Train Your Dog
Off Leash Training
Bringing Your Puppy Home
How to Teach Your Dog When to Bark and When not to Bark.

It is exciting to work with Barbara and I am getting exceptionally great advise on how to raise a puppy.

Judy Buzza

Oroville, California