Our Mission

Our Mission at Puppy Genius – dogtrainingasap.com is to gift new puppy parents with the information necessary to develop themselves into extraordinary puppy parents. 

When a new puppy parent learns the skillset to train, care and guide their little one, and then applies that knowledge, magic happens!

We recognize that developing a relationship with your new fur baby is paramount and is the glue to the bond that creates the magic. When your puppy knows you, likes you, and trusts you he will follow you to the ends of the earth to please you. 

Puppy Genius dogtrainingasap.com knows that giving your puppy the proper start leads to a well behaved and loved dog by everyone that meets him. Isn’t that what you And your puppy  truly deserve?

“Puppy Genius” are able to meet the requirements that best suit your desires. We train by teleconferencing, web conferencing in person, and also we are set up to see you and your dog on site.

In addition, we are prepared to teach you to teach your dog how to pass the S.T.A.R test with AKC and the CGC  Canine Good Citizen test as well.

One of our techniques at Puppy Genius is to do web conferencing where we can teach the entire family how to best, care, guide and train their new baby puppy dog.

By the way we also assist with trainings focused on the older dogs as well.

Puppy Genius, dog training asap, knows each owner and their dog are unique and we are ready to intuitively connect with you.

Puppy Genius focuses on you, your puppy along with your family including canine training for the entire family to experience synchronicity and to create a synergistic result.

Barbara Williams