Interesting Dog Study Performed In Hungary – Canines are


Dogs’ brain scans reveal vocal responses
By Rebecca Morelle
Science reporter, BBC World Service

Oh my goodness, here when I thought I new it all!

Often I talk about you either chose to evolve or revolve, however, it is impossible to stay in the same place because the river of life is in constant movement; we are either moving forward or backward.

Well, here is an article worth reading… from Hungry….

Lead author Attila Andics, from the Comparative Ethology Research Group at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, said:

“We think dogs and humans have a very similar mechanism to process emotional information.”

I have believed this for a long time, however, I am not a scientist nor a doctor of any classification; I simply a woman committed to learning more about our furry friend and sharing it with the masses that also enjoy and adore canines.

Rather than me doing an injustice to the information in this link I am simply going to give you the link so you too can read about this discovery.

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