How To Prevent Puppy Separation Anxiety


It is not pleasant for the owner nor the dog when the dog has separation anxiety. It is important that you prepare your puppy to learn how to be home alone. Keeping your puppy confined in his own separate space throughout the day when you are home and when you are not at home is paramount in order for your puppy to feel comfortable when you are gone. In other words, you must not allow your puppy unlimited access to you throughout the day because this causes dog separation anxiety. Unlimited access to you creates a puppy who is overdependent and overly needy for you which creates a puppy to become anxious when you are not at home. The time of confinement throughout the day prepares your puppy to remain calm when you are gone. This is best for you and your dog. Teach your puppy to enjoy his own company by making sure your puppy has plenty of chew toys and squeaky toys this also will prepare your puppy to not have dog separation anxiety.

When you puppy becomes self-reliant, self-confident, learns to enjoy his own company  and relaxed on his own at that point you may all him to spend more time with you.


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