Miniature Schnauzer Morning

Miniature Schnauzer Morning

I live just out side the San Francisco Bay Area, in a relatively small town with the beauty of the sun and warmth during the summer surrounded by trees and foliage. In my backyard is a swimming pool and patio area where my Miniature Schnauzers and I get together on a daily basis. It is so heart warming to watch then play with each other them to come to me to give and receive love and assurance.


I truly believe that many but not all dogs can be trained to do several different tasks, for example, I am a Miniature Schnauzer Breeder and one puppy owner trained her dog to be a Miniature Schnauzer diabetic service dog. For me that certainly was a first. She trained her girl Ruby in both obedience and agility.

The top 2 tiers of dogs listed  in dog obedience intelligence rating can certainly be trained for many different types of obedience, service or more.


miniature schnauzer


Interesting Dog Study Performed In Hungary – Canines are

Interesting Dog Study Performed In Hungary – Canines are


Dogs’ brain scans reveal vocal responses
By Rebecca Morelle
Science reporter, BBC World Service

Oh my goodness, here when I thought I new it all!

Often I talk about you either chose to evolve or revolve, however, it is impossible to stay in the same place because the river of life is in constant movement; we are either moving forward or backward.

Well, here is an article worth reading… from Hungry….

Lead author Attila Andics, from the Comparative Ethology Research Group at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, said:

“We think dogs and humans have a very similar mechanism to process emotional information.”

I have believed this for a long time, however, I am not a scientist nor a doctor of any classification; I simply a woman committed to learning more about our furry friend and sharing it with the masses that also enjoy and adore canines.

Rather than me doing an injustice to the information in this link I am simply going to give you the link so you too can read about this discovery.

Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips

Tips for dog training

Keep track of your dog’s behavior with an Activity Log. Every time your dog does something right, reward him. When you are dog training remember your dog is always food driven and dog food motivated.  Keep your dog in a calm and stable environment. Keep the dog away from noisy places like stairs, bars and any other places where there might be an accident. Keep the dog in the same area when you want to train. Be consistent. Always use a 6 foot leather leash and a martingale for dog training. If your dog tries to run away he will not be able to because you have your 6 foot leather leash, or he does something else bad during training, put him back on the training table. Don’t worry about getting your dog to do all the things you want to do with your dog. Training your dog is only a small part of what you can do to make your dog happy and successful. But it is very important that you do the right things with your dog and do not let your dog think that he is not as important as your family.

From 8 weeks old to 16 weeks old feed your puppy by hand 3 times a day and introduce your puppy to 3  new people a day, also during the 8 to 16 weeks dog train your puppy for 15 minutes 3 times a day. From 16 weeks to 6 months you can increase your dog training time to 45 minutes 3 times a day. Never underestimate your puppy’s ability to learn quickly.

I will never forget attending an AKC novice obedience dog training event where the 6 month old German Short Hair Pointer took the Trophy and Blue Ribbon in the novice competition.


German short hair pointer competing in agility going through the weave poles
Hypoallergenic AKC Breeds of Dogs

Hypoallergenic AKC Breeds of Dogs

Top 23 Non-Shedding- Hypoallergenic Dogs Now listed in order of
Working and Trainability Intelligence

We are starting with Intelligence Rank of Hypoallergenic dogs Coren’s List of Breed Intelligence

I. Brightest Dogs –

Understanding of New Commands: Fewer than 5 repetitions – Obey first command 95% of the time or better #1-10

2 Miniature Poodle up to $7649 or more & 2x more with breeding rights

II. Excellent Working Dogs

Understanding of New Commands: 5 to 15 repetitions Obey first command 85% of the time or better

12 Miniature Schnauzer 22 Standard Schnauzer 29 Irish Water Spaniel

III. Above Average Working Dogs

Understanding of New Commands 15-25 repetitions Obey first command 70% of the time or better

34 Yorkshire terrier
35 Giant Schnauzer
36 Portuguese Water Dog 37 Airdale Terrier
44 Samoyed
51 Cairn Terrier

IV Average Working/Obedience Intelligence

Understanding of New Commands: 25 to 40 repetitions. 
 Obey First Command: 50% of the time or better.[18]

63 Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier 64 Bedlington Terrier
78 Bichon Frise
79 Havanese

88 West Highland White Terrier

V Fair Working/Obedience Intelligence

Understanding of New Commands 40-80 Repetitions Obey first Command 30% of the time or better

111 Maltese Terrier 113 Coton de Tulear 122 Scottish Terrier 126 Lhasa Apso

Lowest Degree of Working/Obedience Intelligence

Understanding of New Commands 80-100 repetitions or more Obey first command 25% of the time or worse

128 Shih Tzu Terrier 137 Basenji
138 Afghan Hound

7 Groups of Dogs

7 Groups of Dogs

Dogs are classified in 7 different groups:







Toy breeds


Before you choose a puppy get to know the various breeds in these categories to determine the right fit for your family.

Puppy Training Made Easy

Puppy Training Made Easy

Online Puppy Class  by Dr. Ian Dunbar

Promoted by


At the website link below, you will discover a whole new philosophy of puppy/dog training like nothing you have ever seen before!!!  Bar None!

When you chose to adopt a puppy, it is your responsibility to train your puppy. You were not born with the knowledge to train your fur baby correctly, therefore, as a responsible puppy parent you must learn how to train him. Therefore, as a credible breeder and trainer of over 45 years I set out to find the dog trainer best suited for the clients I represent.  As a result of my extensive research I chose Dr. Ian Dunbar.

After vetting Dr. Dunbar I feel confident to recommend him to provide the online dog and puppy training that all responsible dog owners deserve to  have direct access. In pursuit of an exceptional dog trainer for my clients and others, and making a careful and critical examination of the qualifications of  Dr. Dunbar I discovered that not only is he a Veterinarian, he holds an degree in Animal Behavior, and besides that he is an expert dog trainer for over 45 years. Therefore, with my dog training expertise of over 45 years I am qualified to recognize a skilled and expert dog trainer.  Without a doubt, everyone will benefit from his knowledge. Dr. Dunbar opened multiple Sirius Dog Training Facilities throughout Northern California. However, in 2020, after the covid-19, the corona virus outbreak multiple businesses were required to close, which lead to Dr. Dunbar creating an online puppy course to serve the masses with the knowledge necessary to rear a fur baby properly. The online course designed for the necessary training of puppy parents can be found at, it is call Puppy Training, Sirius at Home, a home study course.

Dr. Dunbar is a Veterinarian and Animal Behaviorist. From the beginning of his life we see his passion and love for animals and dogs which shines through like a rainbow on a rainy day. His life continues to be dedicated to the development, care and well-being of puppies/dogs and this can only be manifested by his loving, caring and educating of humans to be the best puppy parent.

Dr. Ian Dunbar epitomizes what we expect from a professional dog trainer; he continues to build Sirius Puppy training facilities worldwide.


 Your continuing education of how to properly leash train your puppy and so much more can be found at


Stay Healthy!

 Thank you,

 Barbara Williams

May 6, 2020

 “We are making history”

Before meeting Barbara, I thought that I knew what it took to raise a dog.

Growing up in Australia, we had a number of dogs as pets, and while I knew they weren’t well trained, I would have said that the dogs were well behaved and good family companions and that, in itself, was enough.

Only now, since speaking with Barbara at length and taking Ian Dunbar’s course, do I realize that dogs are not hard to train and that, by properly training your dog, you are not only helping the dog to reach its full potential, but you are also maximizing the enjoyment that you and your family will receive from the dog over its lifetime.

While taking the course is an upfront investment of time and money, mostly time, I know that it will save us significant time over the long term, and greatly add to my family’s and my new dog’s happiness.

Danville, California


Hi Barbara,

Hope you are well…..Natalie and I wrote a review of the Sirius at Home Puppy Training course:

“The Sirius at Home Puppy Training course we subscribed to, through Barbara Williams, is an indispensable guide for puppy parents – new and experienced. Dr. Ian Dunbar is incredibly knowledgeable and his material in this course offers insightful guidance on how to build a long-term rewarding and enriching relationship with your dog. By focusing on early socialization and conditioning, Dr. Dunbar ensures puppy parents are ready to begin training and building a relationship with their dogs the minute they take the dog home. The courses are engaging, fun, and inspiring. There is a huge range of videos ranging from basic sit /stay to more involved forms of puppy enrichment. We highly recommend this course to anyone who loves dogs.”

Thank you,

David & Natalie
Los Angeles, California


Hi Barbara,
Here’s on why Dunbar’s puppy classes were so important and useful to me:

“I’ve lived with dogs of all shapes and sizes throughout my life and thought I would be perfectly fine raising a puppy for the first time. But I’m so glad that Barbara recommended these classes (so I didn’t have to search for great ones) and that they were a requirement! Everything the classes covered made a lot of sense to me and seemed very easy to replicate, and most of the class information wasn’t common knowledge for me or my family. After completing the classes, I feel so much more prepared as a future puppy owner!”

Oakland, California



How Much Does A Puppy Sleep?

How Much Does A Puppy Sleep?

Gee Weez, I just brought my new 8week old puppy home, now what?


Are they sick, they never get up to play?


That’s a very good question!


Puppies just like infants require a lot of sleep, they sleep around 18 to

20 hours out of a 24 hour day.


Even though, puppies sleep a great deal of the day, they will get up to go to the toilet. Like babies, they normally do not sleep through the night.  You can expect your puppy to sleep for about six to ten hours a night. However, they sleep up to 21 hours of the day.


Puppies love routines so set your clock to the same time every morning to get up with your puppy; I suggest you sleep 7 hours a night. Remember sleep for adults is over-rated.


When you look at the 24hour day you will discover that your puppy is sleeping a large portion of the day; let them do it!   Again, there is a parallel between infants and puppies. Your puppy will require 18 to 20 hours of sleep through the day.  So, do not let the kids over play with their new puppy. You might consider multiple 20minute play periods. Fortunately, this phase, where puppies fall asleep easily on your lap or in your arms, doesn’t last long. But, dogs continue to sleep for long periods throughout their lives.


Enjoy your new life with your new puppy baby, fur baby and best friend!


Barbara Williams

Author, Breeder, Coach





How To Shop For A Puppy During The Pandemic – Coronavirus – COVID 19

How To Shop For A Puppy During The Pandemic – Coronavirus – COVID 19


During this time in our lives where we are all united globally seeking comfort, love, guidance, answers and solutions we all deserve more comfort which more times than not can be found in the unconditional love of a puppy.

I truly believe that “The Coronavirus”, COVID 19 has truly turned the world sidewise and in most lives has blind-sided the masses.

We are living the 6 foot rule, living, sometimes isolated and alone in our home, day to day on lockdown and not permitted to leave our homes.

More people than ever are seeking the love, comfort and companionship of a puppy.

Most  people desire, want, and need a companion, therapy or service dog.

So all of a sudden we are on lockdown, many people are filled with fear, uncertainty and insecurity seeking serenity, comfort, peace, and tranquility.

A family with a puppy, children with a puppy, seniors with a puppy begin to feel safer.

“So, how can I buy a puppy when I am prohibited to going to someone else’s home?” they say to themselves in a quiet whisper of insecurity.

Well, I have discovered  a solution, a method of allowing people to pick and choose a puppy for love and comfort and yet all at the same time honoring the 6 foot rule by staying safely in their  home while they meet me, the owner founder of Zurilgen Kennel, Barbara Williams  and our puppies through video conferencing and then have the puppy safely land transported or flown to them.

So, whether you choose me as the Breeder of AKC Miniature Schnauzers to care for your needs, or you choose another breed of dog and breeder there is always a method of accomplishing what you want and need if you stay in the solution….


Barbara Williams

Owner and Founder of Zurilgen Kennel of Miniature Schnauzers

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