About Me

Barbara has lived with no less than 4 dogs by her side For decades, she is known as an expert with dogs and Miniature Schnauzers and she is an stellar Miniature Schnauzer breeder.

Hi there,

I so love dogs, training dogs and helping others to know more about dogs.

You see it all began as a result of growing up with several different breeds of hunting dogs in a rural area of Bellingham, Washington. Our home was home to not only dogs but other kinds of animals as well. We even domesticated a motherless feral racoon baby that my father found in the wild while hunting. We did successfully domesticate “Ringo” the wild racoon.

My father possessed a successful innate ability to train, relate and care for dogs and neighbors and friends would seek his knowledge and I so admired him for this. He use to always say “you can recognize a good man by the fact that he loves dogs!” Consequently, I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps so, I decided to buy my own AKC registered purebred dog.  After my decision to invest in a dog for myself, at 13 years old, I went to the library to begin my research reading pages and pages of the Complete Book Of AKC Dogs. I really enjoyed looking at the photographs and learning about the different breeds of dogs, their temperaments and characteristics. It was a fascinating journey learning about the incredible differences between the different breeds of dogs.

After, I invested into purchasing a top of the line AKC German Shepherd with bloodlines from Canada and Germany I immediately joined 4-H for dogs. I started and continued an obedience training program for 4 years and competed in both obedience and confirmation with my gorgeous “Vonnie”, under the tutelage of a professional breeder.

This is what led me to who I am today with an insatiable passion and a thirst to learn more and more about dogs and to pass that knowledge on to educate others.

Fast forward, after owning several different breeds of dogs over the years I found the Miniature Schnauzer to be best suited for our family. The results of successful interactions, training, and breeding dogs over the years I discovered how little the masses knew about dogs.  I love working with first time puppy owners and teaching them from A-Z about how to care, love and train their puppy.

Consequently, I now step up to the plate committing to equip, educate and empower others to have an excellent experience and relationship with their dogs.

Our family of dog lovers, breeders and trainers are your puppy experts.




Barbara Williams

Founder of Puppy Training ASAP