Train Your Dog to be a Puppy Genius

We train you to train your canine. As a result, you become the alpha dog. 

I possess over 48+ years of dog training.  This gives us the edge to teach you to train a companion or therapy dog and novice dog obedience.

Our specialty is to teach you to train your dog.  Consequently, we know how to make you an expert.

Picking the correct breed of dog for your personal family dynamics is paramount. After that, when you discover the premier breeder to represent you this places you in a stellar position.

Ownership of a  well-trained dog to love is life changing.

As a result of technology we are more connected globally. 

Now  for FREE  we offer a 20 minute online training session with us.  

Contact us now 209-233-1929 text/talk or Barbara@puppygenius.


Barbara Williams, Professional Dog Advisor, Dog Trainer, Dog Breeder of AKC Miniature Schnauzers