dog training made easy for you

Dog Training Made Easy For You!

We train you to train your canine.

Our mission is to meet your goals for dog training made easy for you, whether you want a therapy, companion, or obedience dog or all three.

Our vision is to educate, equip, empower and teach you all about dog training made easy for you

Then, you master puppy ownership.

We train, coach, direct and orchestrate your success with Barbara Williams Dog Trainer.

Our specialty, as a dog trainer, is to teach you to train your fur baby. 

As most people realize, we know how to make you an expert canine trainer.

Ownership of a  well-trained fur baby and new family member to love is life changing.

Stay at home while you master a loving, therapeutic and rewarding relationship with your fur baby and family.

If you do not own a puppy yet, then we educate you to pick the correct breed of dog and breeder for you and your family.

If you never owned a puppy previously, well then, we are for you!

Start you coaching or training classes today so can learn dog training made easy for you!

We specialize in dog training made easy for you!

Now  for FREE  we offer a 20 minute online training session with us.  

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Barbara Williams, Professional Canine Advisor, Trainer, Coach, Breeder of AKC Miniature Schnauzers


Barbara produced a 6 audio app – “Barbara presents Dog Ownership Mastery” 

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dog training made easy for you

The time to start your fur baby training is Now!

Age appropriate dog training starts shortly after birth…..

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From the comfort of your home you can receive dog training!