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At the website link below, you will discover a whole new philosophy of

puppy/dog training like nothing you have ever seen before!!! Bar None!

When you chose to raise a puppy, it is your responsibility to train your puppy, with that being said, in order to train your puppy it is important to train yourself by you taking you to a “Puppy Class”. You were not born with the knowledge to train your fur baby correctly, therefore, as a responsible puppy parent you must learn how to train him. So, after doing my research as a reputable Miniature Schnauzer Breeder and trainer of over 40 plus years I recommend Dr. Ian Dunbar!!!

So why do I admire Dr. Dunbar So much? That is a great question!!!!

I will start out by saying most of us like people similar to who we are. Most of us like people with similar interestds, philosophies, ideas, habits and history. With that being said, I absolutely resonant with Dr. Dunbar.

Dr. Dunbar is a Veterinarian and Animal Behaviorist. From the beginning of his life we see his passion and love for animals and dogs which shines through like a rainbow on a rainy day. His life continues to be dedicated to the development, care and well-being of puppies/dogs and this can only be manifested by his loving, caring and educating of humans to be the best puppy parent.

Dr. Ian Dunbar epitomizes what we expect from a professional expert dog trainer. He has over 45 years of Skilled and Expert Dog Training experience, as well as, he has opened several Sirius Dog Training Facilities throughout Northern California and he continues to build them worldwide. He certainly has made a lifetime commitment to everyone and our puppies.

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2. This website link you will see the link to the page of the “Puppy Class” that Dr. Ian Dunbar designed to address our time in history where the corona virus is not allowing us to take our fur babies to puppy class.

I recommend Dr. Dunbar’s online “Puppy Class” .

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Stay Healthy!

Thank you, Barbara Williams

May 6, 2020

“We are making history”